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  • Vikram Director ‘Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Cinematic Universe’ (LCU)

    Lokesh Kanagaraj, please! Remember, the name has its own chapter in Indian cinema. With his film ‘Khaidi,’ he wowed the Indian audience. The plot of ‘Khaidi’ follows the main character for one night in his life. Lokesh’s approach to writing a screenplay that captures an amazing story in one night with the themes of ‘Guns, Drugs, and Biryani’ is certain to raise the bar in filmmaking. After seeing the film, the general public became huge fans of Lokesh Kanagaraj. Many people have become ardent fans of him after seeing ‘Vikram.’ Lokesh Kanagaraj creates a cinematic universe that connects ‘Vikram’ and ‘Khaidi.’ He established a new trend in Indian cinema that had never been seen before. 

    What is a Cinematic Universe?

    When we have a big story, each character has their own story, and we can’t present it as a single movie, a prequel, or a sequel to a movie, we have a cinematic universe. In Hollywood, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a good example of this. Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and Spider-Man are all superheroes who fight evil. However, everyone lives in the same world. They are all united by a strong point. Lokesh Kanagaraj has also chosen to tell his stories in a cinematic universe.

    How is Khaidi connected to Vikram?

    In the film ‘Khaidi,’ a ‘Khaidi’ named Dilli is released from prison and goes to see his orphaned daughter. However, a significant event in his life occurs on the same night. He bears the responsibility of securing a drug container worth crores. It is caused by Bejoy, who is playing a police officer. The drugs end up in the hands of the police as a result of an officer participating in an undercover operation. However, the drug container is once again in danger due to a covert in the police. Dilli takes the risk and chases the drug gang away here. He then goes to pick up his daughter and leaves. This is the end of the ‘Khaidi’. But who exactly is Vikram? The drugs are also central to the Vikram film. Vikram is the father of the police officer who seized the drugs. He was a Captain in the Army’s Black Squad. In the aftermath of his son’s death, he resolves not to let those drugs fall into the hands of the wrong people under any circumstances. He works with Bejoy, a police officer who appears in ‘Khaidi.’ Another character will appear in this. Fahad Fazil is the one who tries to apprehend Vikram. He also belongs to the Black Squad. Vijay Sethupathi is a drug lord who is fighting to find the drug gang’s container. The boss of them all, ‘Rolex,’ starring the character Surya, shook the theaters with his arrival. The movie ends with a Rolex entry.

    Will there be more films in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe?

    To be honest, there could be a lot of films in this cinematic universe. Lokesh Kanagaraj has already announced that a sequel to the film ‘Khaidi’ will be made. If we watch the film, we will learn that the sequel will also include ‘Vikram.’ Also, at the end of the film ‘Vikram,’ one gang pursues Karti, another gang pursues Fahad Fazil, and yet another gang pursues Kamala Haasan. The three films can also be shot individually. Surya also says in the climax that he founded this empire after 25 years of hard work. That journey could also be adapted into a film. A film about Kamal Haasan’s journey as Black Squad Captain could also be made. The LCU is not restricted, but rather unlimited.

    Lokesh’s Filmmaking and Creativity

    The details in ‘Khaidi’ and ‘Vikram’ are so accurate that they elevate it to Hollywood status. A scorpion mark can be seen on drug packages in ‘Khaidi,’ and this is continued in ‘Vikram.’ In the film, ‘Khaidi’ Arjun Das (a gang member) beats up a constable with a fire extinguisher. Lokesh portrays the injuries so well in his film ‘Vikram.’ If this cinematic universe continues, Lokesh Kanagaraj will have two pages written about him in the history of Indian cinema.