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  • With Allu Arjun battling five formidable villains in “Pushpa: The Rule”, audiences are perplexed and excited

    Icon star Allu Arjun is now in the league of superheroes of India. We can say this without giving it a second thought. Moviegoers around the nation have been swept away by his charisma and macho charm. No South Indian film before his, “Pushpa: The Rise,” has established the standards that it has. In a nutshell, Allu Arjun’s dedication and determination have made him a formidable force in Indian cinema.

    “Pushpa: The Rule”, the sequel to “Pushpa: The Rise”, shooting starts in August. Many key updates are circulating in the industry about this ambitious project. The movie’s PR team officially confirmed that ‘Makkal Selvam’ Vijay Sethupathi will be playing the main antagonist in this upcoming film. 

    In “Pushpa: The Rise”, Jolly Reddy, Mangalam Seenu, Dakshyayani, and Bhanwar Singh Shekawat were the main antagonists. It’s odd that none of these characters passed away in part one. Pushpa Raj is the main target of all these four powerful forces. 

    Director Sukumar is now introducing Vijay Sethupathi as a fifth villain in addition to these four.  

    It appears that filmmaker Sukumar has crafted a compelling story to support all five of these formidable forces. It will be fascinating to see how these characters grow and battle with the main character (Pushpa Raj) in the upcoming sequel.

    We will simply have to wait to see how Sukumar will draw an epic conclusion on Pushpa Raj’s persona.

    The internet is currently being taken over by amusing and satirical videos about the antagonists in “Pusha: The Rule”. Some of them sarcastically said that ‘Pushpa Raj’ has gone missing among the huge crowd of Villains. Another commenter claimed that Pushapa Raj is the Indian equivalent of Batman who possesses only supervillains rather than any superpowers.

    A humorous clip about this subject is going viral on social media and depicts the audience perplexed at the several villains in “Pushpa: The Rule.” Watch the scene at the very end where Brahamanadam reacts to Vijay Sethupathi (Paresh Rawal) arriving; this sums up how the audience is feeling right now quite well.

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