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  • RRR failed to create magic in Japan. Rajamouli’s film opened to disappointing numbers.

    RRR has now made its official debut in Japan after breaking several box office records in India and winning over audiences worldwide via special screenings and OTT platforms.

    The “RRR” squad is now in Japan where they are participating in vigorous promotions. On October 21, ‘RRR’ made its cinematic debut in Japan. The movie, however, did not meet trade experts’ forecasts, earning only about one crore on opening day. The day one income for the movie is much below expectations given the marketing and anticipation surrounding it. The movie has to do well over the weekend in order to reach the breakeven figure of 30 crores. The Day One numbers, however, are a huge letdown for this period action movie.

    The success of “RRR” has been astounding in both India and the US. The movie became one of the biggest triumphs in Indian cinema after grossing more than 1000 crores at global box offices. RRR is also extremely popular on OTT, where it continues to be listed as the best Netflix non-English film.

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