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  • Sai Pallavi’s “Gargi” Twitter Review

    “Gargi”, starring Sai Pallavi in the lead role, has been released in theaters today. Views are being shared on Twitter by audiences who’ve seen the premiere show. According to early assessments, this film conveys a social message that is both potent and genuine. You’ll be glued to your seat during the movie’s courtroom and jail sequences. Many consider Sai Pallavi’s performance in “Gargi” to be her greatest to date. Kali Venkat’s performance is also getting accolades. The background score and music hit the right notes. You are immediately drawn into the tale by the movie’s gripping plot. The Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada versions of “Gargi” have all received extremely positive reviews. Gautham Ramachandran directed this movie.

    Sai Pallavi, the actress who bought respect to the word ‘Heroine’

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