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  • Samantha signed another intriguing project with ‘The Family Man’ makers

    Samantha, a leading lady in Tollywood, is quite busy and has a many ventures under her credit. She entered Bollywood after establishing herself in the South Indian film business with the online series “The Family Man-2.”

    The Hindi audience applauded it. She has also established herself as a divisive actress by acting glamorously and putting her own spin on villainy. Despite the criticism, she has become more reputable as an actress as a result of this web series. According to reports, “The Family Man-2” creators and the actress have signed off on another intriguing project.

    According to the most recent information, Raj and DK, who directed the web series The Family Men, will direct Samantha in the web series “Citadel”. Under the guidance of the Russo Brothers, the American online series “Citadel” which features the actress Priyanka Chopra in the title role, will be adapted into Indian languages. Samantha and actor Varun Dhawan are reportedly involved in this project. High octane action scenes are apparently included in this web series. As part of her preparation for this project, Samantha is currently receiving instruction from an American stuntman in self-defense archery.

    The training will reportedly last for three months. Apart from the typical action moments in the movie, it is anticipated that the training session will be prolonged due to the intense content. Currently, Samantha is appearing in the Telugu films Yashoda, Khushi, and Shakunthalam.

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