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  • Shruthi Hassan’s new song “She is a Hero” sheds light on the struggles and triumphs of women

    Multi talented woman Shruthi Hassan picked up the mic again. The actress who started her career as a singer has sung many songs. Shruthi stayed away from singing for a period of time but now she is back again with a new single ‘She is a Hero.’

    Shruthi gave english vocals to this song which also features desi rapper MC Altaf. ‘She is a hero’ track  brings together varied artists and a mix of genres to shine a light on the struggles and triumphs of women. The song is an ode to powerful stories of women all across the globe who go above and beyond in everything they do, regardless of the domain, with empathy, elegance and fortitude.  

    The portions of Shruthi and MC Altaf were penned by themselves. The track  is produced by the talented Karan Kanchan and Karan Parikh with additional lyrics from Niranjan Iyengar. 

    The internet is going frenzy over Shruthi’s comeback track. She paid an unexpected visit to the AMB mall where her ten-year-old film “3” is currently receiving a resoundingly positive reception from the crowd. 3 movies was re-released in Telugu states across 200 centers.

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