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  • Sudigaali Sudheer’s ‘Gaalodu’ Day One collections

    Television sensation Sudigaali Sudheer’s ‘Gaalodu’ has been released in theaters this friday. ‘Galodu’ is directed by Raja Sekar Reddy. Actress Gehana Sippy is playing the female lead role in this film.  In contrast to Sudheer’s prior movie, “Software Sudheer,” the most recent movie has been released after several delays to nil promotions.

    A typical Telugu commercial movie, “Gaalodu” features themes of action, humour, a love tale, and emotions. The movie is reportedly doing surprisingly well at the box office, according to trade reports. The crowd has been convinced to enter the cinemas by Sudheer, who has a large following among viewers of television.

    This movie doesn’t have much of a competition at the box office, so it should do well over the weekend. As per the trade it is estimated that ‘Gaalodu’ Day one collections will be between 1-1.2 crores, which is actually a good number for a non star film.

    This encapsulates the reality that television has celebrity power, and “Galodu” collections support the assertion. Telugu audiences are ready to accept Sudheer if he comes up with strong story oriented flicks.

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