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  • Cheapest New Year overseas destinations with on Arrival Visa for Indian Passport

    Maldives The Maldives is a popular tourist destination among Indians. Indians don’t need a separate visa to visit this country. The small South Asian island has a lot to offer visitors, such as blue and white beaches, luxurious resorts, undersea restaurants, and thrilling water sports. The natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and warm, welcoming people of the Maldives make it a … Read more

    7 best places to visit in AP for this NewYear 2023 with Friends

    The top vacation spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2023 with your pals are listed below. Visakhapatnam The stunning landscape is encircled by unspoiled nature, hill towns, and beaches under a clear sky. Vizag is the ideal location for both party animals and outdoor enthusiasts. This location is ideal for celebrations because of Rishikonda Beach, the waterfalls, and the … Read more