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  • Vijay Deverakonda is the highest paid Tier 2 actor of Tollywood. Where do other stars stand?

    The conflict among Tollywood’s Tier 2 heroes has intensified as a result of recent box office verdicts of their movies. Unfortunately, the audience was unimpressed by these actors’ most recent movies, which bombed at the box office. Top Tier 2 actors like Vijay Deverakonda, Ram Pothineni, and Nani are having difficulty finding a successful smash movie. Vijay Deverakonda anticipated entering the Tier 1 league, but his most recent movie, “Liger,” ended up being a failure, shocking him. Ram’s “The Warriorr” and Nani’s “Ante Sundaraniki” both had disappointing box office results.

    Following consecutive hits like “Bangarraju” and “Love Story,” Naga Chaitanya’s “Thank You” was a disaster. One of the worst movies of the year is “Ghani,” starring Varun Tej. Overall, 2022 saw no hits for any of the biggest Tier 2 stars. Meanwhile, stars like Kalyan Ram and Nikhil Siddharth scored blockbusters with ‘Bimbisara’ and “Karthikeya-2.’

    The Tier 2 stars of Tollywood are being paid enormous sums of money for each film, despite the underwhelming box office returns. The producers council made choices to reduce the star compensation, yet the most recent compensation for these stars is still sizable. In terms of pay, Vijay Deverakonda leads the Tier-2 league. The “Liger” star is in high demand in the marketplace despite a string of failures. According to reports, the star charges 20 crore every film.

    The tier-2 hero remunerations are as follows.

    Vijay Deverakonda – 20Cr

    Ram – 15Cr 

    Nani – 14Cr (Took 7Cr for last 2 films) 

    Naga Chaitanya – 10Cr 

    Varun Tej – 8Cr 

    Sai Dharam Tej – 6Cr

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