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  • Will ace director Puri Jagannadh can rebound after the failure of ‘Liger’?

    Puri Jagannadh is one of the best filmmakers of contemporary Telugu cinema. He is regarded as the supreme figure in commercial film. He produced various cult classic films, including “Temper,” “Badri,” “Pokiri,” “Idiot,” and “Amma Nanna Tamil Ammayi.” These movies have an unreal influence. Every filmmaker and performer once aspired to work with Puri Jagannadh on a project.  Salman Khan remade Puri’s flick Pokiri as “Wanted” which revitalized Salman Khan’s career. Yet nothing will ever be the same again. The formerly esteemed director is currently suffering from financial hardship and is under heavy fire for his most recent film, “Liger.”

    Even after the huge success of “Temper,” Puri Jagannadh’s career began to suffer from top heroes refusing to collaborate with him due to his unreliability. Then he tried using Tier-2 heroes, but most of the movies, including “Heart Attack,” “Ism,” “Rouge,” “Loafer,” and “Paisa Vasool,” failed to make any money at the box office. He had a string of flops, but “Ishmart Shankar” was his one success. However, Ram’s performance and Mani Sharma’s soundtrack received the majority of the credit for the movie’s success.

    Puri Jagannadh got in touch with then emerging young hero Deverakonda in 2020. Soon they announced their film ‘Liger’ which is planned to be released at pan-India level. Massive excitement has been generated for the movie thanks to Vijay Deverakonda’s stardom and relentless marketing. Unfortunately for Vijay and Puri, “Liger” completely bombed at the box office, leaving the distributors with enormous losses. Puri, Charmee, and Vijay’s careers were in jeopardy when the movie nearly cost its producers 70 crores. This movie nearly caused Puri Jagannadh and his business partner Charmee to go bankrupt. Nevertheless, Vijay was protected by his popularity with the public, but this only made Puri’s condition worse because Vijay and the financiers chose not to work on their announced next project, ‘Jana Gana Mana.’

    Puri Jagannadh suffered a significant setback as Vijay Deverakonda shelved ‘Jana Gana Mana’ as he had no other projects to his name but this one. No well-known actor or producer in Tollywood is willing to sign a project with him due to his professional track record. Even if he manages to find an actor for his project, no financier is ready to support it, his home banner ‘Puri Connects’ is now officially insolvent. The filmmaker mentioned making a “Ishmart Shankar” sequel before “Liger” came out, but the big question is whether Ram Pothineni, who has recently seen back-to-back failures, will agree to act in a film with Puri.

    Right now, Puri Jagannadh’s career seems hazy and strange. The biggest question mark is how he will achieve the major comeback hit he needs to win back the industry’s faith. We just hope that Puri makes a successful comeback as a movie fan. We hope that this occurs quickly.

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