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  • Win 34 Crores by playing the Netflix Squid Game. Apply now

    The real-life Squid Games championship, with massive prize money, will be hosted by Netflix. This streaming behemoth is looking for 456 contestants from all over the world. To participate, participants must be at least 21 years old. They must be fluent in English and available for filming for up to four weeks in early 2023. Unlike the TV show, the real-life challenge will not be a matter of life and death. Instead, 456 recruits from all over the world will compete in games where the “worst fate” is “leaving empty-handed.”

    Squid Games (2021) Season One was a huge success. It is the most popular TV show on Netflix. 111 million people watched it in the first 28 days after it was released. This South Korean drama follows a group of low-income individuals who take on a dangerous challenge in order to earn a large sum of money.

    Squid Games’ second season is annonced by Netflix on June 14. This South Korean TV show is directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk. Hwang Dong Hyuk is said to have spent ten years on the Squid Games project.

    Read more about Squid Games Season two by clicking the link below

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