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  • Ola’s Exciting New Launch: Do You Know the Range of Their Latest Electric Scooters?

    Ola continues to set the pace in India’s electric scooter segment. From its headquarters in Bangalore, the company has rolled out two new models. Introducing the Ola S1 X and the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2. Hot on the heels of the recently unveiled Ola S1 Air, these two models debuted just in time for India’s Independence Day celebrations, accompanied … Read more

    Summer Hair Trends: Elevate your style game with these fantastic hairstyles from IPL stars showcasing stunning looks

    As the summer season arrives, the heat and humidity tend to make things a bit uncomfortable. Sweating and excessive hair on the scalp only add to the discomfort. In such times, getting some summer haircuts can be quite relieving. Many well-known IPL cricketers are also following this trend. Give these styles a try, and you might just fall in love … Read more