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  • Exclusive: The Young Telugu Heroes Who Will Rule Tollywood in the Future!

    In the film industry, inheriting stardom is increasingly the norm. Sons of star actors are showcasing their abilities and emerging as leading men. Tollywood too follows this trend, with a new generation of heirs to film legacies carving out their niche as stars. Yet, some actors have ascended to fame in Tollywood from non-filmy backgrounds, captivating Telugu audiences with their exceptional acting talents. These actors have inspired confidence in their ability to dominate the Telugu cinema landscape over the next five years. Who are these talents? What will their careers look like? What are the key factors that will enable them to rule Tollywood? Let’s delve into these questions in this special feature.


    Young actor Suhas is creating a buzz in Tollywood with a string of successful films. Initially recognized by Telugu audiences for his comedic roles, Suhas has established himself as a leading man. His popular films, including ‘Colour Photo‘, ‘Writer Padmabhushan‘, and ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band‘, have made him a beloved figure among family audiences. Producers are confident that films featuring Suhas are sure to succeed at the box office. Critics also commend his script selection, and if he maintains this trajectory, he is poised to become another natural star akin to Nani.

    Vijay Deverakonda

    Young hero Vijay Deverakonda is emerging as a star of the future. Since his breakout role in ‘Arjun Reddy‘, he has built a substantial fanbase that supports him regardless of the commercial success of his films. Despite a recent drought of hits, it would be premature to write off his career. His star power was solidified by the 2018 blockbuster ‘Geetha Govindam‘, which earned over 100 crores. Securing another strong hit could make him unstoppable.

    Siddhu Jonnalagadda

    Another actor poised to make his mark on Tollywood is Siddhu Jonnalagadda. Before ‘DJ Tillu‘, he was viewed simply as one of many in the industry. However, this film highlighted his unique talents. His recent success, ‘Tillu Square‘, catapulted him into the 100 crore club. Siddhu’s distinctive mannerisms, body language, dialogue delivery, and writing abilities have resonated particularly well with the youth, a key demographic for cinematic success. His forthcoming film, ‘Tillu Cube’, starring notable heroines Samantha and Tamannaah, is anticipated to solidify his status in the industry if it proves to be a hit.

    Naveen Polishetty

    Previously, Rajendra Prasad was the epitome of comedy heroes, but today, Naveen Polishetty has taken up that mantle for the current generation. Renowned for his impeccable comedic timing, he enjoys a robust following. His skill was prominently displayed in the 2019 movie ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya‘, and ‘Jathi Ratnalu‘ further confirmed that his charm extends beyond just one film. Known as a dependable source for entertaining and enjoyable films, producers consider him a guaranteed success at the box office. Securing another hit would solidify Naveen’s position as an unstoppable force in the industry.

    Teja Sajja

    Young hero Teja Sajja is captivating audiences with his selection of distinctive stories. He established his pan-India presence with ‘HanuMan‘. His movies such as ‘Zombie Reddy‘, ‘Ishq‘, and ‘Adbhutham‘ all stand out for their innovative concepts. His latest project, ‘Super Yodha’, is another pan-India venture that features an adventurous theme. If ‘Super Yodha’ achieves success similar to ‘HanuMan’, industry experts are confident that Teja’s career will only move forward, without any need to look back.

    Adivi Sesh

    Young hero Adivi Sesh has carved a niche for himself in action cinema. Following his role in ‘Goodachari‘, a spy thriller, he has radically altered his choice of roles. Once known for playing the romantic lead and villains, he now selects roles that resonate with audience preferences. With blockbusters like ‘HIT: The Second Case‘ and ‘Major‘ under his belt, he is currently working on the sequel to ‘Goodachari’. If he maintains this approach, Adivi Sesh could well become Tollywood’s answer to James Bond.


    Starting his career as a comedian and transitioning into a lead role, Priyadarshi first made his impact with the 2016 film ‘Terror‘. By starring in films with rural settings, he has attracted family audiences. His career took a significant turn with last year’s ‘Balagam‘, and his latest role in ‘Mangalavaaram‘ has revealed a new dimension to his acting abilities. If Priyadarshi keeps selecting his projects with such strategic insight, there is a prevailing sentiment within the film industry that he is on the path to becoming a star hero.

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