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  • #IsupportLiger Hashtag trends on Twitter against #boycoottLiger. The Boycott gang targets Vijay Devarakonda

    Bollywood actors and business experts are debating the boycott of Bollywood movies vehemently. His nasty campaigns are in some way having a detrimental impact on movies. This boycott movement was started by a section of the Bollywood public to show support for the deceased actor Sushanth Singh Rajput, who committed suicide in 2020. However, even after the actor’s passing two years ago, the campaign is still effective. This boycott trend is gaining traction among the public for a number of reasons. 

    The biggest target of this boycott trend is Bollywood producer Karan Johar, who is frequently referred to as the poster child for nepotism by both himself and the boycott trends.  Every movie with a Karan Johar credit will spark a social media boycott. Fortunately or unfortunately, Vijay Devarakonda’s pan-Indian film “Liger” has Karan as a co-producer. Yesterday, after Vijay made comments in an interview criticising the boycott culture, the movement against his movie “Liger” started on Twitter. Since then, the hashtag #BoycottLiger has taken over Twitter, alarming Vijay Devarakonda supporters and Telugu moviegoers.

    The hashtags #IsupportLiger and #UnstoppableLiger were used by Vijay Devarkonda’s squad and supporters to show their solidarity. Fans of Vijay from all over the nation showed their support for his movie. The highest popular hashtag on Twitter right now is #IsupportLiger. August 25 sees the release of “Liger.” Let’s monitor how this movie does on social media till then.

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