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  • Karthikeya-2, 100 Crore Celebrations in Kurnool City

    The Nikhil Siddharth-led film “Karthikeya-2” has become one of Tollywood’s highest-grossing productions of 2022. The Hindi and Telugu markets continue to see strong box office performance for the movie. The movie is still doing well at the box office on weekdays. As Vijay Deverakonda’s “Liger” premieres in theaters today on a significant scale, the Karthikeya-2’s momentum in Telugu states may … Read more

    Nikhil confirms “Karthikeya 3”, after the smashing success of the Karthikeya 1&2

    Actor Nikhil Siddharth, who is ecstatic with the success of his recently released movie “Karthikeya 2,” thinks that there will be more installments of the Karthikeya franchise. In an interview with TOI, in response to a query about whether the series will have a third installment, Nikhil stated: “Yes, especially with a character like Dr. Karthik who is determined to … Read more

    Nikhil Siddharth and Anupama Parameshwaran’s “Karthikeya-2” trailer is immensely fascinating

    Mass MahaRaja Ravi Teja has released the eagerly anticipated Karthikeya-2 teaser starring Nikhil Siddharth and Anupama Parameshwaran. The glimpse appears to be incredibly engrossing due to its combination of faith, mystery, tension, and history. Nikhil Siddartha and Anupama look very intriguing. This film, in contrast to the first, is set in Dwaraka, the city where Lord Sri Krishna was born. … Read more

    Is Nikhil Siddartha’s “Karthikeya-2” a victim of movie theater monopoly in Telugu cinema Industry? Why is it constantly being delayed?

    The movie “Karthikeya-2” starring Nikhil Siddartha and Anupama Parameshwarn has yet another fresh release date. This movie has been battling for the past two to three months to get a stable release date. “Karthikeya-2” should have been released earlier this year, however the producers have declared that their movie will be released on July 22 due to some post-production and … Read more