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Rating : 3/5


Movie Review

Anand (S K) works as a teacher. English teacher Jessica (Maria Ryaboshopka) from Cambridge University works at the same school. Anand develops feelings for Jessica and works arduously to gain her affection.


Anand's father, who disagrees with their marriage since it goes against his values, opposes when Jessica accepts Anand's love. Even Anand's villagers are against his marriage with a British woman.

Meanwhile, Anand must deal with a significant problem as well. What's the problem there? How does Anand persuade his father and the villagers? On this backdrop, the rest of the narrative is built.

As usual, Sivakarthikeyan was flawless in the character of a normal school teacher. The audience is given a feast by his humour and one-liners. Sk's humour is a great asset to this movie.


Sathyaraj did a terrific job as S.K.'s father. Heroine Maria performed admirably. Suri, a comedian from Tamil, and Anudeep's presence are sure to surprise you.

Anudeep’s direction was good but we can feel the ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ vibe. The cinematography, Screenplay and music worked out pretty well.  Rich production values are evident.

Technical Aspects

Siva Karthikeyan’s acting


Entertaining First Half


Background Score

Production Values


Predictable Second Half

Routine Climax

Enjoy SK’s ‘Prince’ with your family for this Diwali.