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  • Ketika Sharma fans should not miss this video of her dancing with Melvin Louis

    In her latest dance video, Tollywood’s young starlet Ketika Sharma collaborated with acclaimed choreographer Melvin Louis. This upbeat video will undoubtedly brighten your day. Melvin Louis and Ketika Sharma performed to a remix of Ali Zafar’s hit “Jhoom.” Melvin and Ketika looked stunning in their all-black ensembles. For this video, Melvin delivered his usual swift as the wind, serene as … Read more

    What Mango fruit with a Zip? Yes its going Viral on Social Media

    Summers are meant to be enjoyed by eating sweet mangoes. Who doesn’t love this superfruit? India is one of the world’s biggest producers of mango. For generations, our community has savored this divine fruit in many forms – from ripe and raw to pickled and pulped. The humble Mango is also a key ingredient in curries, chutneys and jams. But … Read more

    The bride’s Father Refused to Get Her Daughter Married to an inebriated bridegroom

    We learned a lot about being punctual in school and the benefits of it, but sometimes we fail to put those lessons into practice. It’s acceptable to be late in some situations, but it’s not tolerable in all. There is a limit to everything. A Marathi bridegroom and his family recently forgot their time limits. Their irresponsible behaviour enraged the … Read more