How did Neeraj Chopra win the Olympic Gold Medal using YouTube?
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  • How did Neeraj Chopra win the Olympic Gold Medal using YouTube?

    How did Neeraj Chopra win the Olympic Gold Medal using YouTube?

    May 9, 2022

    Neeraj Chopra and Youtube have collaborated on a short film ‘A Boy with a Golden Arm’. This short film was made available on Youtube via  ‘YouTube India Spotlight.’ He reveals his story behind the scenes of his athletic career in this video.

    The olympic gold medalist begins his video by narrating about his village, Khandra, in Haryana, and his difficult conditions. On his first visit to an outdoor sports stadium, he learned about the javelin sport and decided to focus on it ever since. He also recalled the amount of mockery he received for choosing this sport over cricket, wrestling, or Kabaddi. Because there were no resources for this sport back then, Neeraj claims he used to sit at his farm and watch javelin throw videos on YouTube. Neeraj went on to say that he couldn’t find any publications or CDs for this sport, but YouTube had all of the videos. Neeraj was inspired to work harder for this sport after watching videos of Javelin Olympian Jan Železný  on YouTube. “Him, Jan Železný , and Youtube,” he stated, was his daily routine.

    With a 40-45 meter throw, he began his professional javelin sports career. He went on to throw an 87.58 meter in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. He said the Olympics in 2021 were the best thing that had ever occurred to him. He remarked, “Those moments will always give me goosebumps.” Finally, he related a fascinating event that took place during that Olympic game. Jan Železný, his hero, was also present at the stadium on that day, unaware of how much he inspired Neeraj. He stated that the other two podium finishers were the students of Jan Železný.

    This is an excellent illustration of how the Internet has evolved into a tool for all humans to learn. There are no justifications for failing to achieve greatness. To taste success, we simply need to work hard. With his hard effort and determination, Neeraj overcame all barriers to win the gold medal.

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