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  • RGV to Make Revanth Reddy’s Biopic?

    Ram Gopal Varma, the controversial director, has made headlines for his meeting with Revanth Reddy, the leader of the Telangana Congress Party. The latter is well-known for his valiant attacks on his opponents. Before becoming the party’s leader, Revanth Reddy faced far too much opposition from his party’s members. Despite this, he defied the odds and won the TPCC head … Read more

    KTR delights everyone by delivering DJ TILLU’s “Ika Atluntadi Manathoni” dialogue.

    Telangana IT minister KTR has been touched by DJ Tillu’s mania.. KTR, who is currently campaigning in the Warangal district, made a DJ Tillu impression in his powerful speech. According to the dynamic leader, “People mocked Telangana slang before the state was formed, but that has now changed. Every hero and director is now using Telangana slang as a component … Read more

    Please make way for AAP and Kejriwal, who has arrived in national politics.

    With spectacular results in today’s ‘5 state elections,’ it is clear that the Aam Aadmi Party will play a significant role in national politicsArvind Kejriwal founded the AAP as an alternative to the BJP and Congress, and he became Delhi’s Chief Minister twice after winning state elections both times.. With its victory in Punjab and gains in Goa, the AAP … Read more