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  • Batlle of Virat Kohli with himself…‘It’s always you vs you’ Read what it means…

    Virat Kohli’s trending tweet “It’s always You vs You” is a poignant one, given all the recent upheavals witnessed by him. That being stated, his statement also gives us a glimpse into the life philosophy of arguably the greatest batsman of the current generation and a cricket captain extraordinaire.  It lets us know how a young boy who grew up … Read more

    Tollywood Gives Bollywood a Run For Its Money?

    With Pushpa- the Rise grossly outperforming the much-hyped potential Hindi blockbuster ’83, it does seem that the success tsunami unleashed by the mega-success of Tollywood’s Bahubali was no flash in the plan. In fact,  a veritable golden age of big-budget Telugu cinema seems to have dawned upon the nation. This is exemplified by the simultaneous pan India release of four … Read more

    Hamida’s act of Allu Arjun ‘Eyy Bidda Idhi Naa Adda’ in Big Boss 5 Telugu grand finale

    Hamida Khatoon

    Hamida Khatoon who made reentry to the Big Boss 5 performed the latest happening song of Pushpa movie ‘Eyy Bidda Idhi Naa Adda’. Fans are rejoicing her performance with the song with adjectives ‘thaggede le’ and ‘Full-on Swag’. The moves and performances are definitely electric and the background score adds real value to it. Our readers might be aware Hamida … Read more

    Ariyana Glory badass version of Pushpa’s “oo antava oo oo antava” of which Samanta will be proud.

    Folks Pushpa’s Samanta’s Item song “oo antava oo oo antava” is a hot trending topic this week. Believe it or not, looks like there is a spicier version than the original. Agreed, original song we are yet to see, but we believe this cannot be lesser than that. Ariana Glory, yes you heard it right the same gal who did … Read more