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  • Emulating ‘Pushpa’, Bengaluru Man tries to smuggle red sandalwood.

    Inspired by the reel shenanigans involving smuggling red sandalwood in the Telugu blockbuster Pushpa Bengaluru man Yasin Inayatihullah landed in trouble when he was nabbed by the police for his trouble. A driver by profession, he was arrested attempting to smuggle the goods in his truck-a la Pushpa. He attempted to crossover from the Karnataka-Maharashtra border to Maharashtra when he … Read more

    For Shaik Rasheed Vice-Captain U19 World Cup, it was no bed of roses…

    SK Rasheed the man with a mission who scripted India’s fabulous U-19 world cup win at Antigua had the unlikeliest of backgrounds to help him pull off a feat as remarkable as the one he did. This was certainly something that his father Shaik Balishavali would never have imagined when his prodigal son would be the cynosure of all eyes … Read more

    Indian Wins U-19 World Cup

    The Indian U19 team created history by beating England and lifting the world cup for a record-extending fifth time. This was made possible by timely fifties scored by Shaik Rasheed and Nishant Sindhu, enabling India to beat England by 4 wickets in Antigua. A five-wicket haul by Raj Bawa and a four-wicket one by Ravi Kumar helped restrict England to … Read more

    5 times Samantha Ruth Prabhu Proved She is a Fashionista

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu has captured the imagination of not just the Telugu movie-going audience, but across the nation by her choice of movie and OTT projects, her personal life, and, of course, fashion choices. That she is a woman of substance with a great sense of style and grace has been proved by her superlative fashion choices. Let us look … Read more

    Covid Dictionary: Words and phrases that Covid 19 taught us

    There was a world before Covid 19 and there is a world that came into being afterward, which saw us use a language that had a considerably richer vocabulary than before. Let us look at the words and phrases emanating from diverse sources that the dreaded pandemic made a part of our daily speak.  In These Difficult times or tough … Read more

    యూసే రిఫరల్ స్కీమ్

    ఈ స్కీమ్ ఎప్పటి వరకు వర్తిస్తుంది: జూన్ 30, 2022 యూసే యాప్ మీరు ఇంట్లో కూర్చొనే డబ్బులు సంపాదించే సువర్ణావకాశాన్ని కల్పిస్తోంది. మీరు చేయాల్సిందల్లా ఈ యాప్‌ని మీ ఫ్రెండ్స్ లేదా ఇతరులకు రిఫర్ చేయడమే.(మీరు యాప్‌ని ఫ్రెండ్స్ లేదా ఇతరులకు రిఫర్ చేసిన ప్రతిసారి 10 పాయింట్లు పొందుతారు. ఒక్కొక్క పాయింట్ ఒక్కొక్క రూపాయితో సమానం. ఈ మొత్తం పాయింట్లను మీరు నగదుగా మార్చుకోవాలంటే కనీసం 100 పాయింట్లు పొందవలసి ఉంటుంది). మీరు ఎలాంటి పరిమితులు లేకుండా ఎంతమందికైనా యాప్‌ని రిఫర్ … Read more

    YouSay Referral Scheme

    Validity of Scheme applicable till Jun 30, 2022 YouSay offers an amazing refer and earn program. YouSay recently launched a referral program that involves sharing the app with friends (or with anyone else and thereby earning money. Every referral is worth 10 points, which is the equivalent of 10 INR. You can redeem these once you reach 100 Points (100 … Read more