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  • Tollywood Gives Bollywood a Run For Its Money?

    With Pushpa- the Rise grossly outperforming the much-hyped potential Hindi blockbuster ’83, it does seem that the success tsunami unleashed by the mega-success of Tollywood’s Bahubali was no flash in the plan. In fact,  a veritable golden age of big-budget Telugu cinema seems to have dawned upon the nation. This is exemplified by the simultaneous pan India release of four big-budget Tollywood films planned in the days ahead. Many Tollywood heroes are at the forefront of this phenomenon with their looking beyond the traditional Telugu market to encompass Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, and Mumbai in their promotion efforts. The credit for starting this trend goes to the RRR team followed by that of Pushpa and as well as Radheshyam who will chart the same course for Sankranthi.

    Pushpa-The Rise Sets the Cash Registers Ringing Thaggede Lay!

    Pushpa-The Rise has taken not just the Hindi cinema market by storm but has done spectacularly well on an all-India basis. It truly has made blockbuster Telugu cinema a national phenomenon. The sheer craze for the movie nationwide is unprecedented, elevating the movie to almost cult status. Fans across the nation have taken to mouthing the Allu-Arjun-Rashmika Mandana starrer’s catchy dialogues, as well as its many popular dance steps. Even international cricket celebrities like Suresh Raina, David Warner, and Tanzanian Tik Tok sensation Kili Paul have tried doing their version of what has come to be known as the “Pushpa walk”. Clearly the spectacular national super success of Pushpa the Rise is a coming of age of Telugu cinema on the national scene, in the process overtaking the collections of Hindi cinema’s latest offerings by a fair margin. Do we see the center of the Indian movie industry moving south to Hyderabad?

    RRR Mania at its peak

    Cinema fans across the country are waiting for the release of RRR with eager anticipation with many expecting it to break the records set by Bahubali. The makers on their part are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the movie and whipping interest in the movie amongst the public.

    The Radheshyam Craze

    The much-awaited Prabhas and Pooja Hegde romantic thriller does not fail to impress with its grandeur shot as it is in picturesque Europe.  Other popular actors that add luster to the cast are Jagapathi Babu, Murli Sharma, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Sasha Chettri, Sathyan, and Riddhi Kumar. Grand as the trailer is it pales in comparison to the spectacle that the movie unfolds before one’s eyes-a a veritable visual feast. Shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu it has garnered extremely generous praise in its reviews. As usual, Prabhas gives a powerhouse performance, while Pooja looks ethereal. The movie is both a love story and an intriguing and mystifying thriller. Without giving too much away one can say that the die-hard Prabhas fans will not be disappointed with this latest offering.

    These blockbuster Telugu films are slated for a simultaneous pan India release. With the promotions being carried out on such a grand scale, Telugu cinema has entered another league altogether. This truly is the opportune time for the budding young heroes of Telugu cinema to become a national craze. There is no doubt about the fact that Telugu cinema is on the cusp of a glorious new age.

    Telugu cinema is a veritable emotional roller coaster ride for the audiences across segments. The iconic performers of the past like NTR, Ram Charan, Prabhas, and Allu Arjun are being followed by a new band of heroes taking not just the Telugu but the national film industry by storm. There was a time when Bollywood defined the Indian film industry. Not any longer with the regional film industries effectively closing the gap with Bollywood.

    The tide has truly turned with Bollywood stars making a beeline to star in movies made in the South. The major movie makers of the Southern movie industries are busy making Bollywood movies. They are in fact busier remaking movies from the South in Hindi and growing the market for their movies by releasing them in multiple languages. The jury is out about whether all the impending mega movie releases will usher in a new golden age for Tollywood or whether the recent successes are just a flash in the pan.

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