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  • Manushi Chillar: ‘ఆపరేషన్‌ వాలెంటైన్‌’ భామ గురించి ఈ సీకెట్స్‌ తెలుసా?
    Ketika Sharma: బరువెక్కిన కేతిక పాప అందాలు!
    Tollywood Stars Lungi Looks: లుంగీల్లో తెలుగు హీరోల ఊరమాస్‌ లుక్‌.. చూసేయండి!
    New Movie Posters 2024: కొత్త ఏడాదిలో ఆకట్టుకుంటున్న అగ్రహీరోల సినిమా పోస్టర్లు!
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    Alert: New Traffic Regulations and Automobile Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

    The number of accidents and deaths on the roads is rapidly increasing as the number of vehicles on the road expands. To combat fatal road accidents, India’s transport ministry recently took drastic measures. Apart from imposing severe fines for violations of traffic rules as directed by the court, insurance claims have also been modified, and the new rules will be … Read more

    Sarkaru Vaari Paata titile song is out.

    The title song from superstar Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, is now out on all audio and video platforms. This mass single is an immediate hit among the Superstar fans. Harika Narayan, the singer, pitched the song in a high tone and was composed by Thaman. The latest track is expected to boost the superstar’s popularity in theatres. … Read more

    Is Neha Shetty the next Big Thing in T-town?

    Neha Shetty has been showered with offers from Tollywood’s biggest production houses. With her powerful performance as Radhika in Tollywood’s latest blockbuster, DJ TILLU, the gorgeous actress impressed Telugu audiences and reviewers. The young woman adored her role in the film, and her dialogues went viral for months on social media. After a successful theatrical run, the film was released … Read more

    Who is Naziha Salim, and why is she today’s Google doodle (April 23, 2022)?

    Naziha Salim is an Iraqi writer, educator, and artist. She is regarded as the first Iraqi woman to lay the groundwork for Iraqi modern art. On this day in 2020, the Barjeel Art Foundation will include the painter-professor in their collection of female artists, describing her as “one of the most significant artists in Iraq’s modern art scene.” The Google … Read more

    Marriage Bride’s one-of-a-kind entry went viral; you definitely want to make an entry like this.

    Weddings and bride entries have been increasingly popular in recent years. The bride’s entrance into weddings, in particular, is usually a fascinating topic. The wedding planners also focus a lot on the bride’s entrance in order to make their clients happy with their unique planning and strategy. In the age of social media, we’ve seen some unique bride entries. But, … Read more

    AICTE Is Set to Introduce Plumbing Course for the Engineering Students.

    The All India Council of Technical Education made a decision to introduce plumbing, including water sanitation courses, as a part of the academic curriculum for engineering, architecture, and interior design students.  According to the AICTE, plumbing will be taught in engineering and architecture institutes across India. Students specializing in Civil, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, or Interior Designing will be … Read more

    Dhoni Finishes Off it in Style!

    MS Dhoni snatched a thrilling victory for Chennai Super Kings over Mumbai Indians by hitting Jaydev Unadkat for 16 runs in the final four balls of the game. The audience was taken aback by his power-hitting and delighted to see the ‘Young’ Dhoni “Finisher.” Dhoni had faced 9 balls and scored 12 runs before the last over. It all came … Read more

    KTR delights everyone by delivering DJ TILLU’s “Ika Atluntadi Manathoni” dialogue.

    Telangana IT minister KTR has been touched by DJ Tillu’s mania.. KTR, who is currently campaigning in the Warangal district, made a DJ Tillu impression in his powerful speech. According to the dynamic leader, “People mocked Telangana slang before the state was formed, but that has now changed. Every hero and director is now using Telangana slang as a component … Read more

    Ananya Panday bikini photos have gone viral on the internet.

    Ananya Panday, a Bollywood starlet, is making waves on the internet with her sexy bikini photos. On Instagram, the Hottie reminisced about her Geharayiyan days, posting some old photos. In her navy blue bikini and orange robe, she steals the show. Her post received many likes and comments, and her friend Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood star Badshah Sharukhan, … Read more