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  • Do you know why Valentine’s Week is celebrated?

    February must be amongst the most anticipated months of the year for young people. This is the month many of them are wracking their brains thinking about how to propose to the person they love or what gift to give them. This is the month of St. Valentine’s Day. But did you know that the celebrations are spread over all days of the week beginning from Rose Day to Kiss Day? Here’s a lowdown-

    Rose Day-February 7th

    Rose Day falls on February the 7th and it involves people giving red roses to the people they like and thereby professing their love openly for them. Others may present a yellow rose as a mark of friendship.

    Propose Day-February 8th

    This is another day to express one’s undying love to the object of one’s desire (whether they like it or not!). Many are the ways that one expresses what is in one’s mind and some of these can be very original indeed.

    Chocolate Day-February 9th

    The third day of Valentine’s week, Chocolate Day is a day to let go of the bitterness of the past and make a sweet new beginning. It is also the day to present chocolates to one’s loved ones and impress that special one.


    Teddy Day-February 10

    The Teddy Day is all about reducing stress and viewing the world with the innocent eyes of a cuddly teddy bear. That is why see so many teenagers with them. Some get so taken in by the cute creatures that they forget their true love right next to them. 

    Promise Day-February 11

    This is the day for lovers to make an everlasting vow of love and togetherness through thick and thin. There is a lot of sentimentalities attached to the day, which is known to strengthen the bonds of love.

    Hug Day-February 12

    What better way to express one’s truest feelings for the person one loves, than by giving them a hug. A hug may be a physical gesture, but it can express a world of meaning way better than any words

    Kiss Day-February 13

    The penultimate day to the grandest day of love of the year is celebrated by exchanging kisses with the one you love.

    St Valentine’s Day-February 14th

    St. Valentin’s Day is a commemoration of the sacrifice for love made by a Christian saint of that name near Valentine in 270 AD. His execution was ordered in the 3rd century AD on account of his advising young people to not obey the cruel law passed by Emperor Claudius directing young people not to marry. In fact, he performed those marriages secretly which so infuriated the emperor that he had St. Valentine arrested and executed. Ever since then the day has been revered by loves as a mark of respect for the man. So, there’s more to the day than roses and kisses.

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