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  • RTA driving tests will no longer be required to obtain your driver’s license.

    The Union Ministry of Transport intends to modify the rules on driving licenses. The central government claims that the current RTA procedure will be replaced by their new policy, which will eliminate the need for practice and theory. The public is granted licenses by the Central Government based on certifications issued by authorized driving and training schools. The government has tightened the regulations for training schools in order to adopt this new method. They issued a document titled “Driving License Terms-2022,” which addressed their new implementation. These regulations are expected to take effect on July 1, 2022. This new approach will run concurrently with the current one for a six-month trial period.

    How this new policy is different from the present:

    As per the present policy to obtain a license, a candidate must pass written and theory and practical tests, but under the new policy, the candidate must attend training at a government-approved training school. If the candidate successfully completes the course, the training school will offer a certificate. The government will issue the candidate a license based on that certificate and copies of the needed documentation.

    New, strict rules for driving schools:

    As driving training centers will play such an important role in this process, the central government has tightened the rules for their recognition. Only a certificate produced by a recognised training center will be accepted by the Department of Transportation.

    1. A minimum of an acre of property is required for a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or car driving school to be established.
    1. A minimum of 2 acres of land is required for heavy vehicle driving schools. Testing tracks should be set up according to the central rules and regulations.
    1. To teach a fundamental concept of driving, a stimulator should be set up.
    1. Instructors must have a minimum of a 12th grade education and five years of driving experience.
    1. Driving two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and cars requires at least 29 hours of training over four weeks. Theoretical lessons should last 8 hours and practical classes should last 21 hours.
    1. For Driving heavy vehicles the training duration should be at least 38 hours spread out over six weeks. Theoretical sessions last eight hours, while practical classes last thirty.
    1. For a period of five years, all accredited driving schools will be recognised. After that, they must be renewed.
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