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  • Are you a Womanizer? Netizens are praising DJ Tillu’s (Sidhu) answer to the Anchor for this question

    Sometimes the questions asked by journalists and anchors bother the filmmakers. Heroes and heroines have encountered such situations many times in the past. Some people answer with patience..some people skip those questions with anger. However, in a recent TV9 interview, DJ Tillu Sidhu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) faced similar questions. Sidhu replied very cool to the anchor’s personal questions, despite their annoying nature. He spoke patiently without losing his cool even for a moment. Sidhu averted controversy from the very beginning with his cool attitude. 

    Asked why he was so eager to claim that he was a writer of the movie, he replied that if he does not claim to be the writer, people may ask why he is getting involved in the filmmaking creative process and it may create a negative impact.

    The anchor asked if the romance, kisses, or hugs being shown in his movies are shortcuts to success in the industry?  Sidhu replies “The kisses between the two lovers are very common in movies. There’s nothing else to it.  He also said he did not want to put in such scenes on purpose.

    Asked if comparing him to Vijay Devarakonda makes him angry, he said he was happy to be compared to a successful actor. The anchor further asked- has your attitude changed after the trailer was released, Sidhu responded very politely- there is nothing like that and after the trailer, he felt confident that the movie will be a hit, and if he has hurt anyone with his attitude he said that he is sorry.

    And going deeper, the anchor asks, ”Are you a womanizer? Sidhu was not angry about that either and he asked the anchor do not to know what a womanizer means, please define Womanizer. I talk well with the girls. I know them well as acquaintances and that is how the relationship develops.

    I will not answer all the rumors. He said that he did not want his film to get publicity on account of other things and that it would be good if the film’s story and comedy were accepted by the audience.

    This interview is now creating a sensation. Netizens are incensed that questions are being asked about how to belittle people in such a  personal manner. On the other hand, even when he was asked so many annoying questions, Sidhu responds very graciously with a cool attitude. Netizens are awe and praising his attitude.

    Watch the interview by clicking the below link.

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