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  • DJ Tillu Movie Performing Well At the Box Office

    DJ Tillu Movie is performing well at the box office. In the US also it got good numbers(200K+) as evidenced by the fact that $108,000 worth of ticket sales happened at the premier and another $100,000 on the first day. A similar positive story is emerging from Australia and of course the domestic market.

    The movie will have a long run considering no major movies are releasing in the coming week except Mohan Babu Starrer ‘Son of India’, and is doing rather well in the domestic market, particularly in the urban centers in the aftermath of the third wave

    This is good news for the beleaguered film industry and the prospects for better business seem to have vastly improved in the aftermath of the third wave. What seems to have worked for the movie is the aggressive promotion carried out by the filmmakers.

    A lot of praise has been garnered by Siddhu as well as Neha for their performances. The movie may be outlandish but is downright fresh in its approach giving audiences much to root for in this laugh riot DJ.

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