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  • Amaravathi should be developed as per agreement; High Court rules on Three Capitals

    In the three capitals case, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has dealt a blow to the AP government. The High Court has agreed to hear some of the other petitions filed by farmers. Concurrently, the High Court ruled that the government must follow the CRDA Act and that the development must be completed within six months as per the master plan. According to the High Court, the farmers must also receive their plots within three months. The tribunal ordered that development project progress be reported on a regular basis.

    Further, The High Court stated unequivocally that lands should not be allotted for purposes other than capital requirements. The High Court stated unequivocally that the onus was on the government to provide justice to the farmers in accordance with the law. The tribunal denied some judges’ petitions not to hear the petitions. It has decided to continue the investigation into the farmers’ other petitions.

    The High Court’s decision is a setback for the government, which plans to introduce three capital bills during the upcoming assembly sessions. The bill was withdrawn from the Assembly last month, and the government was considering reintroducing it. If the bill is reintroduced now, it can be considered as contempt of court.