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  • Mahesh Babu at it again ‘breaking the records’, Kalavathi song from Sarkaru Vaari Paata get 14M+ views in 24 hours

    The makers of Sarkari Vaari Paata released the Kalavathi song yesterday, and it looks the whole of India is humming the song.  As of now today (14/02/2022) it’s the number one trending song on YouTube. The song is sung by Sid Sriram and it is getting a really good response and fans cannot ask for more. The song, which was supposed to be released on Valentine’s Day on February 14, was released yesterday, a day before it was leaked on social media.

    Yesterday, music director Thaman posted an emotional post on social media saying more than a thousand people have worked hard for this song and he is heartbroken as the song has been pirated.  Although the song was leaked earlier, the craze did not abate and it has broken all the previous records of the max number of YouTube views in the first 24 hours, with over 14 million views in 24 hours.

    Here are a few songs which got more than 10M eyeballs in the first 24 hours on YouTube for Telugu films.

    Kalavathi : 14 M

    Oo Antova: 12.39 M

    Lala Bhimla: 10.20 M

    Shana kastam: 10.16M

    Anantha Shriram provided the lyrics for the song, which was sung by renowned singer Sid Shriram. His band sings along with Thaman for this song. The song is very well connected to the youth on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. In addition to the music value. Mahesh Babu and Kirti Suresh are looking very beautiful in the song, definitely a Valentine treat for lovers

    After yesterday’s emotional post, Thaman tweeted today that he is happy that the song is on top YouTube trending #1. The makers & Mahesh Babu understands how many fans are eagerly waiting for the movie,  With this, the expectations of the film have increased even more.

    The film, directed by Parashuram, is set to release in theaters on May 27. The movie was supposed to be released last Sankranthi season and has been postponed due to COVID. Now that all the big movies have planned release dates, the filmmakers have announced that their movie will be released on May 27th.


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