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  • India Creates Record in Digital Transactions

    India has created a Massive Record by Crossing 25.5 Billion Digital Transactions in Real time in 2020. India has crossed all the Developed countries in list. Though China is more Populated than India and More Developed it lagged behind India which is still a Developing Nation. Dr. Sangita Reddy tweeted about this who was Former President of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. At Present Sangita Reddy is Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Group. 

    25.5 Billion Transactions

    According to the Report of Prime Time for the Real Time – 2021 launched by ACI Worldwide and Global Data, The total real time transactions of all Countries in 2020 is 70.3 Billions. Among that India accounts for 25.5 Billions, China accounts for 15.5 Billions, South Korea accounts for 6 Billions. Among all the Countries India has fasten the Process of Digital Payments through Upi Transactions, Central Government has taken firm steps in making India Digital. 

    India on Top In Digital Transactions

    India Stood First among Top 10 Countries in Digital Transactions. Here is the list of all Top 10 Nations with their value of Digital Transactions in 2020.

    1. India – 25.5 Billion
    2. China – 15.7 Billion
    3. Korea – 6.0 Billion
    4. Thailand – 5.2 Billion
    5. Great Britain – 2.8 Billions
    6. Nigeria – 1.9 Billions
    7. Japan – 1.6 Billions
    8. Brazil – 1.3 Billions
    9. United States – 1.2 Billions
    10. Mexico – 0.942 Billions

    Indian Government has launched UPI Transactions in 2016, Since then transactions have been going on with Ease on high speed without much interference of bankers. This is the main reason why India stood Top in Digital Transactions. In 2019, Indian Upi transactions crossed 1 Billion, it touched 2 Billions in October 2020. Analysts are expecting that these transactions may cross 45 lakh crore in next year. 

    Though India is a Developing and More Populated country with only 72 % of Literacy, It has Created a Sensation by being the Top Country with Highest Digital Transactions. Soon India would really fulfill the Slogan of Digital India.