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  • Did Yash’s ‘KGF-2’ movie trailer hit the right notes?

    The ‘KGF-2’ film will be released in theatres around the world on the 14th of this month, much to the delight of fans. The film company has already released a trailer to that effect. This action film, directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash as the hero, has piqued the interest of fans. However, the lack of suspense in the trailer raises doubts about whether this film will be a KGF Chapter One success.

    The big stars return in Chapter 2, the follow-up to the acclaimed KGF-1. Analysts predict that the film, starring Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj, Raveena Tandon, Anant Nag, and Balakrishna, will be a smash hit. Despite the fact that the trailer was not particularly impressive, it received 109 million views in all languages within 24 hours of its release. 20 million views in Telugu, 18 million in Kannada, 51 million in Hindi, 12 million in Tamil, and 8 million in Malayalam.

    Yash Dialogues are impressive

    The trailer shows only a few lines of dialogue and a lot of action. ‘‘Nato duṣmani evvaḍu taṭṭukōlēḍu, bijines cēddāmā’, ‘Offers closes soon’, ‘Violence..violence..Violence’.. I dont like..i avoid..but violence likes me, i can’t avoiḍ’ were impressive.

    Tough competition from Beast

    The Beast, starring Vijay in Tamil, will be released the day before KGF-2. If the Beast becomes a big success, KGF-2 will almost certainly suffer some setbacks. The lack of interest in the trailer, as well as the Beast film from Star Hero, will most likely reduce the collections. If Vijay’s film does not do well, there is no doubt that KGF-2 will be a huge success.

    Breaking Records

    Even three years after the release of KGF Chapter 1, the craze has not subsided due to Yash and his acting. When the film was being shot, the fans closely followed and discussed it. The film’s teaser, storm song, and trailer have already been released and are currently trending on YouTube. Hundreds of millions of people have viewed it. It is also the first South Indian film to be released in Greece.

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