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  • 70-year-old Banyan tree in Sircilla, Telangana saved from dying

    In heartwarming news from Telangana, a seventy-year-old Banyan tree was saved from dying. The tree had collapsed in Rajanna, Sircilla on account of heavy rains and was saved by translocating it from Suddala village to outside the SP’s office in Sircilla town. 

    Three other baby banyan trees growing on top of the translocated mother tree were separated and given a new home in the Jillela village forest area. The whole translocation exercise was spearheaded by Uday Krishna, founder president of Vata Foundation, at the request of Rajya Sabha MP, Joginapalli Santosh Kumar. Said Kumar, “One of the most satisfying moments in my life. A 70-year-old Banyan tree that had been uprooted due to heavy rains in Sircilla was translocated with the help of IT Minister KTR garu.

    Local tree lover Dobbala Prakash, who also goes by the name of “Prakruthi” Prakash took matters into his own hands-on hearing of the collapse of the banyan tree and decided to do something about it. Being the Telengana Samskrithika Sarathi of Rajana Sircilla district, he could enlist the help of Mamindla Dasharatham in watering the tree and keeping it alive while its resue could be carried out.

    This included creating an approachable path for the large crane to access the tree and help translocate it. In all, it took nearly a week to make the operation a success. The giant tree that together with the baby trees reached a height of 80 feet is now safe in its home behind the collectorate complex in Sircilla. That this story has resonated far and wide.

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